On Success

On Success

Successful individuals consistently do the simple things that others deem trivial or mundane.

It’s that easy. That simple. And that is the exact reason why so many will never rise to the occasion.

Those who are overly reliant on self assessment of talent, hold their noses on high at tasks beneath, have a narrative that they’ve always been unlucky and others are always lucky or fortunate, gravitate toward comfort, or just cannot comprehend smart hard work that will forever be bound to mediocrity; at best.

It’s collecting a neglected penny, using please & thank you, returning a shopping cart, opting for the stairs when available, using punctuation in text messages, appreciating the sunrise, not dragging your feet, annunciating words, pulling into parking spaces straight, and things alike that every single successful person I know continues to hold as standard.

And they are generally filled with greater happiness.

Trust the Process.

Kyle Courtier