Grey Area

Grey Area

The Middle is always going to be in the middle. It’s always going to be the place where anyone can argue either position as “the grey area”. It’s a cute space that is either safe or always advantageous/ convenient for freedom of movement in thought.

Everyone has grey area or middle ground. How wide that space is and the quickness to default towards living there is the better part of the conversation. It seems an ever growing norm to reside in the grey area for use as excuse, leverage of selfish purposes, dwelling in comfort, or occupation for convenience & laziness.

Being balanced, it’s probably unintentional for many in response to growing diversity, political correctness, fissures in ethical/moral fabric, or hyper sensitivity to offense.

I submit that spending time working from the outside extremes towards center, in exploration of what you think/ believe/ value in order to have position, will arrive you at a much narrower grey.

It’s the indolent, mediocre, and noxious who cannot identify where they stand and what they believe. There is a way to do so with purpose and poise that allows for dignity; one could argue that it demands of it.

It’s called professional - I want to be a professional at life; not a passenger.

Kyle Courtier